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Rating: 9.7 out of 101ST PLACE - 2018 BEST WEB DESIGN COMPANY

Red Cloud Agency are an award-winning website design agency based in central London. Our review team took several factors into consideration during our research period and looked at a number of criteria. Once this was completed we have given Red Cloud Agency a rating of 9.7 out of 10 making them, in our opinion, the UK’s premier web design company.

They offer a vast array of services in addition to the actual designing of your website. Red Cloud Agency, like most companies, have significant expertise in web hosting and search engine optimisation. They employ over 50 members of staff who have different knowledge and skills, including in areas such as logo design, branding and marketing. It is those additional services that help give them the edge in such a competitive market.

Our researchers found that the company were firstly very easy to communicate with and responded in a timely manner to any queries. This was supported by their previous clients who we contacted. Red Cloud Agency were also very honest during the quoting phase. At no point did they attempt to sell any service which was unnecessary to the needs of the project.

Red Cloud Agency specialise in creating bespoke and unique websites of the highest quality and it is fair to say that their pricing structure reflects this. However, the high standard of work and professionalism offered by the team makes the extra cost worthwhile. The other thing that particularly impressed our team was that we were informed by former customers that WDR made each one feel that their project was the company’s number one priority.

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Red Cloud Agency have a wealth of satisfied clients based on previous projects they have completed. What makes them stand out from the crowd is their strategy of first building a website for a mobile device. This optimised site is then expanded to create the desktop version. This method means rather than cutting content from a desktop site for the mobile version, they add extra.
Their designers specialise in creating modern, effective, yet contemporary websites.


Red Cloud Agency’s detailed knowledge and experience of SEO practices ensures your website is visible on Google. There is nothing more frustrating than creating a fantastic website then watching your traffic figures struggle. One of the main sources of website traffic Is search engines like Google.
We found Red have a specialist team who keep abreast of Google’s updates and use their knowledge and experience to make your site as SEO friendly as possible.


Ecommerce is the fastest growing part of the retail sector and Red Cloud have proven experience of helping clients establish themselves in this growing area. They recognise consumer trends and focus on their expectations so that your ecommerce site appeals to as many potential customers as possible.
Your products are unique .The extensive portfolio of ecommerce websites Red Cloud have designed and built for past clients shows that they respect that, and create a unique site tailored to you.


The complexities surrounding web hosting can be daunting to a business owner with no knowledge of what it entails. Those decisions need not concern you when you’re working with Red Cloud however. Each website design package for any website includes as standard web hosting and domain registration for 12 months.
Our research found that your hosting requirements are agreed at the start of the project ultimately allowing you the control to make final decisions.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Red Cloud our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Red Cloud Agency Right For You?

Rated 9.7 out of 10.

Red Cloud are based in Soho, central London. They were established in 1998. They offer a variety of web related services and are viewed by others in the industry as leaders in modern and responsive website design, search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing.

Our researchers found that despite being one of the largest agencies we’ve reviewed, Red still provide a personable service tailored to each customer’s needs.

With specialist experts in every area of the web services industry you can be confident that no matter how complicated your project, Red will have a person with the skillset to see it to completion at a level above that offered by any other company we have come across.

We feel confident in recommending them whether you are a small business just starting out with a small budget or already an established company requiring a complex and detailed site.

Red Cloud Agency Service Overview

Red employ a diverse team of 52 with a variety of skills and experience. This means they have a thorough knowledge of all the caveats of their services. By working alongside them on your project you are assured that everything you require will be covered. Let’s take a look at each area they provide a service.

Web Design

Web design forms the cornerstone of Red’s business. They have built a variety of websites for clients throughout the UK and abroad.

One of the primary talents they have developed is that of building responsive websites (websites that are optimised to automatically adjust to be viewed on mobile or tablet devices.) The company were amongst the first in the country to create websites firstly for a mobile viewer, then build the desktop version from this.

Using this method means your website is created firstly for the largest audience as more people access websites on mobile devices than from a desktop. Our researchers were very impressed at this technique and the quality of the mobile websites in Red Cloud’s portfolio showcases the success this method has led to.


An ecommerce website is basically an online shop and Red Cloud put the importance of attracting consumers front and centre of their design strategy for these sites. Ecommerce websites designed by their team feature a system which includes product information and search facility, customer and order details, secure payment systems and much more.

We were also impressed at the continued support offered once the design project is completed. They provide continued after sale support as standard which includes their expert advice on marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. Previous clients reported to us a feeling that the team at Red Cloud took pleasure in positive conversion figures.


Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is the practise of making a website as appealing to search engines such as Google. By appealing to Google your website will appear higher in the rankings of Google when consumers enter a relevant search term. This is priceless in attracting greater volumes of traffic to your site.

Red Cloud have spent years perfecting the art of SEO. That knowledge and experience can help your site quickly rise to the top of Google’s result pages. They use tools such an analytics and keyword discovery, alongside on page optimisation to boost your exposure to consumers.

Website Hosting

In order for your website to be available to people on the internet it will require a web hosting service. Red Cloud provide a full, comprehensive web hosting service offering shared, cloud and dedicated platforms. All packages available from them include as standard 12 months web hosting services.

They have established links with numerous domain providers so can register your domain name and create email accounts on that domain. Best of all, unlike some companies we have reviewed in the past, you will own that domain as part of your package.

You will receive ongoing support with web hosting too, so you can rest assured that any service issues will be attended to immediately, unlike some companies that are only open during office hours.

Logo Design

A brand needs to stand out from the crowd and a fundamental part of branding is its logo. Red Cloud employ graphic designers who specialise in this area. We found their team have cultivated a reputation for creating customised logos that grab consumers attention. They work alongside you to ensure your vision becomes reality.

Once your logo has being created the next step is getting it out there. We were surprised to learn the designers play an active role in this too – by creating promotional and marketing materials that will benefit your business.

Content Writing

Red Cloud also employ specialist writers whose job it is to create engaging content for your website. They have the ethos that, no matter how stylish and visually pleasing your website is, the actual text content that people will read is critical to the success or failure of the site.

Our research found that the writing specialists have developed a strategy whereby they tailor the content they write on your behalf to the audience you wish to engage. They diligently research your industry to create effective text which meets your requirements.

Your Project Time Frame

It goes without saying that each individual project is unique so therefore there is no set time frame that can be applied universally. Red Cloud offer an array of services which differ in complexity and, while they take a clients preferred timeline into account when agreeing a timetable, we found they are realistic on the length of time a project will take.

The thing that impressed our researchers above all was the candour the company employed with clients. We discovered they have previously declined projects when a customer’s time frame demands meant they would produce a website that did not meet the standards of quality they have set themselves. Few web designers can match Red Cloud for turnaround time on a complex project, which is a huge plus in itself, but it’s that dedication to quality we were really struck by.

Customer Service

Our team, and the previous clients of Red Cloud Agency we contacted, were all in one voice when describing the customer service experience they offered. Everyone could not speak highly enough of the level of communication before, during and after the project. They provide a multitude of support options to ensure your website runs smoothly.

These include ongoing support with any bugs that may develop or revisions to the project you deem necessary. Red Cloud also take care of your web hosting service. One which meets your needs and is reliable, in addition to the procedure of acquiring a domain name. This expertise is all made available to all clients saving you the stress of worrying about technical issues.

Final Thoughts

Red Cloud Agency’s portfolio of work they have previously created is quite simply a delight to view. The quality of work and expertise they have produced makes our team at Web Design Review delighted to name them our number 1 web design company in the UK. However, it is not simply the website designing aspect of their business alone that has impressed us.

The all-round service Red offer is one underpinned by affordability, honesty and client interaction. Previous customers have reported feeling fully involved in the entire project and having control of what was happening by being able to provide meaningful input that was listened to.

The additional services such as SEO and hosting assistance ensure we feel Red Cloud Agency are pound for pound the best Britain has to offer.


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Customer Testimonials

Reviews from previous clients say a great deal about any company regardless of the industry they operate in. Web development is no exception. We explored available reviews on Red Cloud Agency and found the majority were overwhelmingly positive. Project manager Mark Foster receives significant praise from satisfied customers.

A note of caution with online reviews however. Due to Red Cloud Agency operating at the high end of the market they receive less reviews than, for example, small companies who take on dozens of projects at any given time. Online, anonymous reviews can also be misleading too.

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