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London SEO Companies: Top 5 Review 2019

Published: 24th October 2018 | Last Updated: 24th October 2018
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Because SEO is so important for your Google rank, which in turn is vital for your website traffic and ranking, it’s important that you hire an SEO company that’s going to give you the best results. There are tons of SEO companies all vying for your business, which can make choosing the right company seem like walking blindfolded through a minefield.

All SEO companies say they offer the best – they wouldn’t be marketing themselves very well if they didn’t – but that doesn’t mean that they are the best. How, then, do you pick out the best SEO service provider for your business when they all want you to believe they have what you need?

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We consider it our job to help you find the best London-based SEO company for your website. We’ve put together a combined review of the companies we consider to be the Top 5 SEO service providers based in London. Each one of these are at the top of their game in SEO, and we’ve given them all a rating to help you make up your mind. Let’s jump right in.

1) Jellyfish UK

RATED: 4.5 out of 5
A screen shot of the Jellyfish UK website homepage.

Who Are They?

Jellyfish UK are part of a multi-national agency that offer a whole host of services for UK businesses. SEO is just one of them – and they’re really good at it, too. Jellyfish consider themselves to be a “boutique agency”, and they specialise in various different aspects of SEO. Their teams of experts have plenty of experience in creating SEO strategies that will help you to achieve your goals.

The team at Jellyfish believe that because every business is different, then SEO strategy should be tailored to meet your specific needs. They’ll work with you to find the best target keywords to generate the most relevant traffic to your website, and make sure that your site is technically optimised for the best results. One of Jellyfish’s strengths is in the area of content marketing and outreach. They have a huge network of influencers who can boost your online presence significantly, as well as creating backlinks that can increase your ranking, traffic and, ultimately, revenue.

Their Work

Jellyfish have worked with some huge brands, such as Toyota and Mazda, and have received plenty of glowing reviews. These great reviews suggest that they have a high quality of work and satisfied customers who are happy to recommend them. Customer satisfaction is always a good indicator of whether a company meets up to the standards they claim to have. Working with such big brands has given Jellyfish an excellent reputation for delivering great results.


Our Thoughts

Our review team are happy to recommend Jellyfish UK for your business’ SEO needs. The fact that they have whole teams who specialise in specific areas of SEO is a huge strength. They have an array of SEO services from content marketing to technical SEO, and from competitor analysis to Google penalty recovery.

Whatever your SEO goals are for your business website, Jellyfish can provide it. They’re dedicated to getting results for their clients, and their success rates with previous clients is impressive.

What’s more, although Jellyfish work with huge corporations, they’re happy to work with small businesses, too. Their wealth of experience could be a huge boost for your business if you choose them to handle your SEO.


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2) Found

RATED: 4.4 out of 5

A screenshot of the Found website homepage which has a blackground with white and flourescent pink text and icons and a silhouette of a man playing a guitar.

Who Are They?

Found are an agency who are dedicated to providing the best possible digital performance, with a focus on digital marketing and SEO. With over 13 years of experience in this field, they’ve got the expertise you need to boost your business’ online presence. They pride themselves on giving you an excellent ROI and are really enthusiastic about what they do. Found aren’t like your average, run-of-the-mill SEO agency. They take an innovative approach to SEO and digital marketing, which makes them a great choice.

SEO strategy is something Found work hard to perfect. They view SEO as an art rather than a science and use a holistic approach to get the best possible results for your business. Their desire to get results for your company isn’t just about building their reputation – they genuinely want to see their clients succeed. For Found, SEO strategy always begins with an audit of your site, so that the rest of the strategy can be built on a site that is technically optimised and error-free.

Their Work

Found have built their reputation on giving a great ROI and pioneering a digital marketing strategy that is always seeking new opportunities. They are client focused, and have won awards for their digital marketing, too. Their website features client testimonials that show that Found deliver the results they promise.

Customers have been impressed by the way Found think outside the box and build innovative SEO strategies that get excellent results. With so many happy customers, Found are another attractive option for your business’ SEO.


Our Thoughts

We’re suitably impressed by the range of SEO services that Found offer. As well as technical SEO, including site audits and structural optimisation, Found specialise in local and international SEO, which not all SEO companies offer.

This makes them a particularly good option if you’re either a business looking to maximise your local presence and revenue or a corporation looking to expand internationally. Found take a different approach to SEO, and their innovative nature and customer focus is a big selling point for this London-based SEO agency.

Digital marketing is obviously one of Found’s greatest strengths, as they’ve pioneered the ‘Web of Moments’ system that allows their clients to make the most of new opportunities. This will appeal to any business who wants to extend their reach and get ahead of the competition. Found also have a great track record with PPC and social media advertising, which is another of their big selling points.


Found: In-Depth Review

3) Go Up

RATED: 4.2 out of 5

A screen shot of the Go Up website homepage which has icons of mountains on a sky blue background and white text detailing their SEO services.

Who Are They?

Go Up has a reputation for being one of the leading SEO agencies in the capital. Their SEO services aren’t just backed by years of experience, but they’re also affordable, meaning good SEO doesn’t have to come with a bill that makes you wince. Go Up pride themselves on delivering sustainable, long-term results that are transformative for businesses like yours. They genuinely care about their clients – as well as about making a difference in the world as a whole. 10% of their annual profits are donated to deserving causes.

The team at Go Up use a combination of methods when putting together a strategy for your SEO. They know that you need an approach that works for your business, so every strategy is tailored to your needs. A big part of their strategy building process starts with getting to know you and your business, what your long-term goals are and what you want to achieve with SEO. Their strategy may incorporate competitor research, keyword research, on-site optimisation and link building – among others.

Their Work

Go Up have quite a reputation when it comes to SEO – and their customer testimonials reflect this fact. Their website displays a number of case studies, so you can see how they work and the kind of results that they can deliver.


Our Thoughts

Go Up are unique in that they have the Go Up Academy, which allows them to ensure that all of their team members are up to date with all the latest SEO developments. Not only that, but they invite their clients to attend these sessions. Go Up are committed to being transparent about their approach to SEO, and it’s refreshing that they want to share their knowledge with their clients.


Go Up: In-Depth Review

4) Grapefruit Digital

RATED: 4.2 out of 5

A screen shot of the Grapefruit Digital homepage slider area with a white banner at the top with navigation menus and an image of towers in the City of London taken from street level at dusk as the slider behind white text introducing the company and it's services.

Who Are They?

Grapefruit Digital are a London SEO company with a difference. What makes Grapefruit stand out is the fact that they don’t focus on rankings with their SEO strategy. They’re much more interested in understanding the ways in which their clients can grow their business. It’s an alternative method of SEO that goes above and beyond what’s normally part of SEO strategy.

The strategy that Grapefruit uses for their SEO is built around your business needs and goals. Their prices start at £1000 per month, but Grapefruit are clear that the cost of their services will very much depend on what you want to achieve. They’re also up-front about how quickly you’re likely to see positive results from your SEO. They don’t promise over-night success, but they will work with you to deliver the best possible results over time, usually within 6-12 months.

Their Work

Grapefruit is unusual in the world of SEO in that they display recent results from their clients (with client details withheld, of course) on their website. It’s clear from these results that Grapefruit really do deliver all that they promise to deliver.


Our Thoughts

We’re genuinely impressed with what Grapefruit can achieve for their clients. Because they don’t focus solely on ranking, their approach can help small businesses to expand and grow with the help of Grapefruit’s experts.

They have over 6 years’ experience in SEO, meaning they have expert skills in providing the precise services that you need to build your business. Not the cheapest in the SEO arena, but they do offer value for money, considering what they can achieve for their clients.


Grapefruit Digital: In-Depth Review

5) Salt Agency

RATED: 4.0 out of 5

A screen print taken of the Salt Agency homepage showing a diamond shaped diagram that explains the services they offer

Who Are They?

Salt Agency are an SEO agency with a difference. Tired of the old SEO models that don’t work well in the modern, ever evolving world, Salt have marketed themselves as the Search ALTernative. They specialise in technical SEO, and offer a bespoke, comprehensive service to businesses of all sizes. As an Agency, Salt value transparency, honesty, flexibility and integrity, and are passionate about helping their clients achieve exceptional results.

The agency won’t give you false expectations when it comes to SEO. They’re clear about what can and what can’t be achieved, and how long it’s likely to take. Some of Salt’s more innovative, future-focused SEO strategies are mobile SEO and voice search optimisation. These two factors are going to be hugely important for ranking in search engines in the years to come. Salt is well ahead of their competitors in this arena.

Their Work

Salt have worked with clients of all sizes and in all kinds of industries and have consistently positive results. Their claims are backed up by a number of comprehensive case studies that clearly demonstrate that Salt can deliver the kinds of results that your business is looking for.


Our Thoughts

The future-focused nature of Salt’s SEO services and strategy makes them a great option for businesses looking to take advantage of all the latest SEO developments. Mobile SEO and voice search optimisation are going to be huge factors in determining ranking in the future, so Salt are forging boldly ahead into this new area of SEO. This makes them a very attractive choice when weighing up the best agency for your website.


Salt Agency: In-Depth Review

London: UK Hub for SEO and Digital Marketing

London has long been regarded as the hub of SEO and Digital Marketing in the UK. With dozens of SEO (and other web-tech) businesses sprouting up in the capital, London is gaining worldwide recognition for digital services. The competitiveness of the SEO and digital marketing hub in London means that agencies need to work harder in order to stand out. Competitiveness breeds innovation and creativity, which is a good thing going forward.

Because London is so packed with SEO and digital marketing agencies, it’s likely to be a hot-spot of new trends and developments in SEO in 2019. We’ve highlighted some of the trends we’re expecting to explode in London in the next twelve months.

1) Video Marketing

In 2019, video content is expected to overtake written content, which is going to be a huge shift both for businesses and SEO agencies. SEO agencies are used to providing written, SEO focused, content for their clients, but video content is a different kind of challenge. People are more pressed for time than ever, and video offers a way of providing information in a more engaging, easier to digest manner.

2) Voice Search Revolution

As Salt Agency are already anticipating, voice searching is going to change the playing field for SEO in 2019. It’s going to impact on keyword research and optimisation. It may also mean that businesses have to overhaul their content and keyword strategy to maintain their rankings. Conversational keywords are going to be a big part of this, and it’s going to be more important than ever to understand your audience and the way they search.

3) Mobile First Indexing

With 63.4% of web searches being conducted on mobile devices, it’s no wonder that Google is focusing on the mobile first indexing strategy. This is going to change the way on-site optimisation is done in 2019, with a focus on optimising sites for mobile devices before desktops. Techniques such as AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) are going to be a big part of this.

4) Long-form Content

This isn’t a particularly new thing, but it’s becoming increasingly important. With so much competition for businesses online, visitors and potential customers are demanding more value from businesses. There’s a greater expectation for long-form content that is well structured and engaging. This isn’t about adding extra words to existing content – the demand is for new, fresh, valuable content. Be prepared to deliver this kind of content if you want to get ahead in 2019.

5) Amazon Search

Kent Lewis from Anvil has predicted that Amazon search is going to be the biggest SEO trend in 2019. The popularity of Amazon has continued to rise, so much so that 56% of customers start their searching based on products on Amazon. It’s a dramatic change in search habits, and there’s even some suggestion that Amazon could be the new Google. Because Amazon allows visitors to view reviews and offers suggested similar items, it’s a less time-consuming means of finding what you’re looking for – and consumers love anything that saves them time.

The rise of Amazon search means that in terms of SEO, businesses are going to have to look at keyword and item description optimisation. It will also be important to better understand consumer intent to get ahead of the competition.

Keeping Up With Developments

For both businesses and agencies, keeping abreast of the changing landscape of SEO and digital marketing can be a challenge. In the case of SEO agencies, though, keeping up with developments is something they’re always focusing on, meaning you can trust them to give you the best possible results. Even with the changes we’re expecting in 2019, a good SEO agency can make sure you rank up, not down.

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