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Logo Designers: Top 5 Review 2019

Published: 4th October 2018 | Last Updated: 26th November 2018

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A high-quality logo is of huge importance to your business. It’s the centre of your company branding and conveys your business vision to customers. Your logo is your opportunity to create the right impression; it’s one of the things that consumers will use to make a judgement about your business. When you have a visually appealing logo, it’s a means of capturing attention and inviting people to find out more about your business.

There are a variety of elements that make up an effective logo. These include colour schemes, shapes, and fonts. A visually striking image at the heart of your logo can be intriguing, and it conveys the impression of a strong, established company that’s trustworthy. Logos are what make your business stand out in a sea of similar companies. They offer a means of making your brand instantly recognisable.

You only have to look at the way that huge corporations use their logos to see this in action. For example, there’s the iconic ‘golden arches’ that make McDonald’s restaurants identifiable even from the distance. There’s also Apple’s stand-out logo that the whole world is familiar with. It’s the logo that you recognise and remember, and associate with quality.

Companies that don’t have effective logos for their brand suffer because not only are they less likely to be remembered and recognised, but poor design gives the wrong impression. It doesn’t matter how good you are at what you do – if you have a poorly designed logo and branding, people are going to associate your business with poor quality. If you can’t invest in your business branding, why would anyone want to buy from you?

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When you hire someone to design a logo for your business, it’s important that you bear in mind the importance of a great logo. You need to know that the person or company you’re working with can give you the kind of logo that gives the best possible impression for your business.

Since it can seem like a minefield trying to find the right logo designer, we’ve done the hard work and compiled an overview of the Top 5 Logo Designers in the UK.

1) Logo Design GRP

RATED: 4.7 out of 5

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Who Are They?

Logo Design GRP have an office in London and studio near Plymouth, Devon. They work with clients all over the UK, and their goal is to help you grow your business with branding that makes you stand out.

The talented designers at Logo Design GRP like to get to know your business, your budget and your goals before they get to work. They’re experts in creating the right impression with your branding, and always offer a bespoke approach.

One of their strengths is their ability to work quickly and effectively to deliver your logo and branding. Whether you need designs for websites, marketing or print, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.

Their Work

The design team at Logo Design GRP have an impressive portfolio of past work. Each project that they’ve worked on demonstrates the skill level on offer and showcases the passion that the team have for logo design.


Our Thoughts

We’ve chosen Logo Design GRP as our number one logo design company in the UK for several reasons. Firstly, their portfolio highlights their expertise in creating truly stunning logos and branding. They know exactly how to create branding that makes your business instantly identifiable.

Secondly, the company have a tremendous passion for logo and brand design, and we think that’s a really important part of their success. It shows in the work that they do, and the way that they work with you to capture your vision in a stand-out image.

Finally, Logo Design GRP like to make sure that you purchase the right design package for your business. They care about their clients and will work with you to give you the best branding according to your budget. Regardless of the size of your budget, the team will always deliver exceptional value for money and ROI.


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2) Logo Geek

RATED: 4.5 out of 5

screenshot of the log geek website landing page

Who Are They?

Logo Geek is the name of the excellent logo design service offered by award winning graphic designer Ian Paget. Based in Manchester, Paget has more than 10 years’ professional experience – and it shows in the quality of his work.

He’s worked with companies of all sizes – from start-ups to large corporations. Part of Ian’s working week is spent as creative director for an e-commerce solutions firm, with the rest of the week dedicated to showcasing his art and design skills. He’s established himself as an expert in brand identity operating under the banner of Logo Geek.

Logo Geek stands out because Ian offers truly unique and memorable logos and branding. Passionate about design and inspired by legendary graphic designers, Ian’s goal is to give businesses logos that are memorable and impactful, versatile and timeless.

Their Work

To see the stunning nature of Ian’s logo and branding design work, you can check out his portfolio. His designs are powerful in their simplicity in many cases, and it’s no wonder that he’s earned a strong reputation for excellence.

His work has been featured in publications like Shutterstock, too.


Our Thoughts

Sitting in second place in our Top 5 Logo Designers, Logo Geek have a long list of satisfied clients and a reputation for designing logos that boost your business.

One of Ian’s greatest strengths is his dedication to taking the time to understand your business story, mission and vision, as well as your target audience. These factors allow him to create logos and branding that have the most impact.

The care and attention that Ian takes with every design project he works on is impressive. The passion he has for design shines through in his work, and his brand identity creation is outstanding.

Because Ian works with his clients to create the best possible brand for your business, you have much more input into the final results. Combining your industry knowledge with his design skills makes for a perfect partnership.


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3) Original Nutter Design

RATED: 4.4 out of 5

screenshot of the original nutter designs website landing page

Who Are They?

Based in Garforth, Leeds, Original Nutter Design work with companies all over the UK. They’ve worked with everyone from start-ups to companies needing to rebrand their image. They pride themselves on being flexible enough to suit a variety of business needs and budgets.

The talented team at Original Nutter understand how important your logo is for your business, and they have the skills necessary to make your brand stand out. Their specialism is in logo design, but they’re also skilled in print design and graphic design for marketing purposes.

Original Nutter offer a variety of services related to brand identity and marketing – and they’re happy to offer truly bespoke services, too. If what you’re looking for isn’t listed on their website, they welcome you to get in touch to discuss how they can help.

Their Work

With a small team of designers who are passionate about logos, Original Nutter have a portfolio of past work that you can view on their website.

It’s clear from the portfolio that the team take great pride in their work. You can be sure that you’ll receive high quality designs when you work with Original Nutter.


Our Thoughts

One thing that stands out about Original Nutter is that they’re not afraid to think differently. They enjoy the challenge of creating unique designs and exploring new horizons. They’re at the cutting edge of logo design and always give 100% to every project they work on.

Working with Original Nutter is a pleasure. Their passion for design is contagious, and they’re genuinely concerned with giving you the best possible logo for your needs. They’re happy to work with businesses of all sizes and give a bespoke service every time.

When your budget is tight, Original Nutter will work with you to deliver a high-quality logo that’s visually appealing and creates a great first impression. You can trust them to deliver a stunning logo without breaking the bank. They’re a great choice for your business.


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4) Alchemist Studios

RATED: 4.2 out of 5

screenshot of the alchemist website landing page

Who Are They?

Based in Oxfordshire, Alchemist Studios have an outstanding reputation for creative thinking. They’ve been in the design industry for over 20 years and have worked on branding for huge London companies such as Virgin.

Alchemist Studios aim to always deliver exceptional branding. Their goal is to offer cost-effective designs that you can be proud of. They work with a wide variety of clients – but their specialism is working with young professionals who are looking for trendy designs.

As well as logo design, Alchemist Studios work with companies on brand identity, colour schemes, stationery, and strap lines. Their extensive graphic design experience gives them an edge over many of their competitors.

Their Work

You can get a good idea of the kind of work Alchemist Studios can deliver by browsing their portfolio. The quality of their designs is evident, and the logos they’ve created are bold, visually appealing and powerful.

If you’re looking for a modern, trendy design for your business, Alchemist Studios have a lot to offer.


Our Thoughts

The truly distinctive logos that Alchemist Studios pack an impressive punch. They’ve earned a reputation for putting passion into their work and delivering the most effective designs for your business. Not only do they stand out from the crowd themselves, but they’re skilled in making your business stand out, too.

They work in collaboration with their clients and are happy to incorporate your ideas into the designs they create. They work to get to know your business vision and goals as this is fundamental to their design work.

Feedback from those who have worked with Alchemist Studios is positive. This is due to their process whereby they have streamlined the way that they approach design projects.

Alchemist Studios create iconic designs that have a massive impact. They’re forward thinking and focus on creating designs that inspire confidence in your company. They’re well deserving of their place in our Top 5 Logo Designers.


Alchemist Studios: In-Depth Review

5) The Logo Creative

RATED: 4.0 out of 5

screenshot of the logo creative website landing page

Who Are They?

The Logo Creative are a small studio with their base in Rotherham in South Yorkshire. They’ve got a reputation for providing design and branding solutions for clients in the UK and worldwide.

The team of designers work mostly with larger businesses who have a clear idea of what they’re looking for in terms of brand identity. They have the skills necessary to make your ideas for visual impact come to life.

As a company, they’re known for creating designs that are clean, minimalistic and meaningful. They offer bespoke services to clients looking for custom logo design and brand identity. With over 15 years of experience, they have the skills needed to create all kinds of designs for your business.

Their Work

What stands out about The Logo Creative is that they focus on simplicity. This means that their designs stand out for being distinctive, memorable and timeless.

The portfolio on their website showcases some of their best work and gives you a good idea of whether they’re the right company for you.


Our Thoughts

The Logo Creative stand out for their approach to design. They’re well known for being able to create innovative designs that create a powerful first impression for your business. Their focus on design strategy means that they spend time getting to know your business and your audience, enabling them to deliver designs that will appeal to your audience.

Another stand-out feature of The Logo Creative is the way that they start design projects with sketching – on paper. Few design agencies work that way, and it gives The Logo Creative a competitive edge. They have a reputation for minimalistic and simple designs – which are hugely popular currently.

The skills and experience that the team offer can help your business gain a brand identity that has a big impact on your business. If you have an idea of how you’d like your branding to look, The Logo Creative is an excellent choice.


The Logo Creative: In-Depth Review

Our Final Thoughts On The Top 5

Now that you have a good amount of information to help you make a decision, you can confidently make the right choice and select your winning logo design company to work on your project.

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Understanding the Importance of an Effective Logo

When your potential customers are busy and have short attention spans, then you need a captivating, attention-grabbing visual presence – logo and branding. Creating a memorable logo is increasingly important for business success. The most effective logos are those that are able to convey your company’s vision and values within a striking image or design.

With competition high in most business sectors, you need to stand out from the crowd. Hiring a logo designer can be expensive, but it’s important that you see it as an investment in your business. A great logo can be the difference between success and failure, so it’s vital that you don’t take the risk of cutting corners. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why logo design is so important for your business.

1) You Only Have One Chance to Make a First Impression

It sounds like a cliché, but you really do only have one chance to make a great first impression. Create the wrong impression with shoddy logo and branding, and you’ve lost a potential customer immediately. Well-designed logos, on the other hand, convey professionalism, trustworthiness and invite people to stick around and find out more.

2) Great Logos Are Iconic and Memorable

Your brand identity is what helps your company to stand out and be memorable. A logo that’s recognisable stays in your target audience’s memory – like Apple’s iconic logo, for example. This is key to building a loyal customer base.

Poor logos can also be memorable – for all the wrong reasons. You don’t want to be remembered for design failures! It’s important for you to get it right – and that’s why hiring an exceptional logo designer is crucial.

3) Effective Logos Demonstrate Company Values

There’s more to effective logos than colours and images. There’s a psychology to logo design that often gets overlooked. You might be surprised to discover what your logo can convey about your company – everything from your background (e.g. professional, relaxed, fun) to your mission (what your business achieves). There’s psychology to your brand colour scheme, too. The best logo designers understand all of these principles and can help you to convey the right message about your business.

4) A Great Logo Reinforces Your Authority and Genuineness

Logos and other aspects of brand identity can tell your potential customers a lot about your business. Increasingly, people are passing judgements about companies within a few seconds of landing on a website – and your logo and colour scheme can make the world of difference.

A high-quality logo lends your business authority and gives the impression that your company is genuine. It’s important that you convey these things to potential customers. What’s more, a quality logo shows that you’ve invested into your business – rather than using some kind of generic, badly designed logo that you’ve thrown together yourself.

5) Your Logo Is Going to Be Everywhere

You have to remember that your logo isn’t just going to be on your website and social media profiles. Every piece of marketing that you do will feature your logo – leaflets, brochures, eBooks, newsletters, email signatures, business cards, banners, ads. You need a logo that’s going to create the right impression across all of your business efforts.

Once your logo is out there on the internet, it’s out there forever. If you have a poorly designed logo, you have a problem. Sure, you can rebrand, but there’s always a chance that someone could stumble across that terrible logo that you didn’t invest anything in. That’s why it’s vital that you get it right the first time round.

Summing Up

Hiring a logo designer isn’t a luxury. Unless you’re a graphic designer yourself, you need a professional who understands the design principles and psychology of great logo design. It’s an investment in your business that’s going to pay off in the long run, so don’t be tempted to DIY to save money.

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