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Rating: 9.2 out of 104TH PLACE

Design With Style were reviewed by our team in detail and, despite being one of the smaller firms we have turned our focus to, we were so impressed by the quality of both their service and output we awarded them a rating of 9.2 out of 10.

This makes them, in our view, the 4th highest rated web design company in the whole of the UK, and best that have a small team of less than 10 people.

In total DWS is home to 8 members of staff, who we found possess a range of specialist areas of expertise. These included, as well as several dedicated web designers, a graphic designer, an SEO expert and a marketing project manager. Based in the university city of Cambridge, we’ve found that the different individuals with dedicated knowledge appears to have forged a close-knit ethos where every person has an insight into each project they undertake.

We’ve reviewed agencies that range from over 100 members of staff to ones that are sole traders. Design With Style punch well over their weight and seem to have made having such a small team a benefit as it means everyone is involved in every project. As we found Design With Style have a member of the team on call every day this means no matter who is answering the phone, they will have an intimate knowledge of your project and be in a position to help you straight away.

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Bespoke & Ecommerce Web Design

Design With Style offer both bespoke and ecommerce packages to their clients at prices which are competitive to say the least. They place low cost and affordability at the forefront of their client’s needs. Low cost with some agencies can lead to low quality – but the websites designed by Design With Style that we conducted our research upon looked anything but low cost.
These sites were each noteworthy by the cutting edge look which left an impression after visiting.

SEO & Marketing

Each of these areas are headed up by a separate specialist on the Design With Style team and we’ve found this business method has generated a fantastic service. From the most basic to the most complex, all their packages include a promise to create a site which is optimised for SEO and appeals not just visually to the consumer, but to Google’s bots too. DWS achieve this by including their SEO expert on EVERY project.

Web & Emailing Hosting Services

A significant number of web design agencies now include web hosting as part of the services they offer. Design With Style are no different and have done so since their birth in 2007. They also offer a service whereby they purchase your new domain name if required. This is where they differ from many of their rivals as they pass ownership of the domain to the client in addition to 12 months free hosting.

Logo Design

Design With Style don’t just design websites. They employ a specialist graphic designer whose role it is to design logos for clients who choose to avail themselves of the logo design service included in each of their package deals.
The graphic designer doesn’t just design logos, the company also offer a branding package whereby your business is assured of a consistent and professional look to all the materials created and used to promote yourself to consumers.

Gold Badge Award

We have awarded Design With Style our prestigious Gold Badge Award.

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Are Design With Style Right For You?

Rated 9.2 out of 10.

Where Design With Style stand above their contemporaries is the quality of their customer service experience. The team here found that they make themselves available outside normal business hours to answer queries. They are professional, knowledgeable and complete all work in a speedy yet thorough manner.

The work of Design With Style that we evaluated was visually striking, SEO friendly and easy to navigate.

Rather than complicated, busy layouts which bamboozle the visitor we found that Design With Style keep things simple and logical.

Another factor our research team liked was the easy to decipher pricing structure. On their website, Design With Style have published the ‘packages’ they offer which include numerous services most customers will require. We feel it makes things simple when going through the quote phase.

Design With Style Service Overview

Since being founded in 2007 Design With Style have maintained a dedication to building bespoke websites for a variety of clients – both large and small – encompassing gallery and ecommerce websites. As they’ve grown their expertise in other web industry services and marketing.

Web Design

This is where it all started for Design With Style, and from the very start they have made a habit of creating websites unique to their clients. Our team found that DWS research a potential clients industry and explore websites of their immediate competitors, so they can develop something on their new website that makes the client stand out.

We looked at DWS’ package services and found they meet the criteria they set and, in many cases, also include extra services. A hallmark of a website they have built is as standard it is optimised for visitors using a mobile device – a crucial part of a modern web design service.

DWS put the client at the heart of the work they do. Rather than simply creating a layout and design, we found they include the customers ideas where the customer wishes this. This differs from some designers who prefer to make a design and then present it and seemingly ‘hope for the best’. With DWS a client will know from Day One what the layout of their site is likely to be.


The ecommerce sector continues to grow year on year and Design With Style have a keen eye on the trends that consumers are following online. This knowledge means an ecommerce website designed by them is a modern and effective business tool which in many cases sells itself.

As with the brochure services available, we found that DWS have created ‘packages’ for potential clients to select depending on the number of features they require. All these packages allow for unlimited listings and product management, as well as offering multi-language and multi-currency services meaning your ecommerce site can have a market of over 7 billion people worldwide.

Our team of researchers noted the ingenious use of call to action buttons on homepages of their clients was striking and played a significant role in the navigation of the website.


Search Engine Optimisation is the process whereby your website is built to include certain coding that appeals to search engines such as Google. Google is one of the largest drivers of traffic to your website and by appealing to its bots it will rate your site higher and rank it accordingly when people enter keywords related to your business/website.

Many web designers include extra fees and charges to include this service as it is more specialised and a very time-consuming process. Our research found Design With Style build all their client’s websites to be SEO friendly.

In addition, they offer an enhanced service, at prices below the industry average. Our reviewers were left with the impression of a team fully up-to-speed with Google’s latest algorithms making them a safe bet if ranking highly is one of your priorities.

Website Hosting

Each of the packages offered by Design With Style come with 12 months web hosting and free domain name registration. Unlike many companies that include domain registration they pas ownership of it straight to the client, giving you a degree of control.

Web hosting can be notoriously poor with web design companies with many offering the service as an afterthought. Indeed, we’ve seen companies who in the past will use a third-party host and falsely claim (and more therefore charge!) they are hosting the website themselves. This leads to potential problems if there are issues with the servers as you don’t necessarily have a means of contacting your true host. That’s in addition to the obvious breach of trust too!

Design With Style have their own server are include a hosting service tailor made to the client’s needs based on traffic and site memory requirements.

Time Scales & Affordability

With a new website project the term – how long is a piece of string – can apply as no two are the same. That said, it’s important to note that there are accepted time scales that would be viewed as reasonable.

Design With Style’s packages are all very clear in their target of having the website designed, developed and live in a set period. It’s worth noting the word target however. A company that guarantees to complete a project in a set time scale is setting themselves up for an unhappy client at some point.

We’ve found that for the services Design With Style include their pricing structure is more than fair and falls in the affordable bracket for most start-ups. We also found they are very approachable in dealing with tight budgets and can be flexible when appropriate, a sure sign of a company that puts customers at their forefront of what they do.

Customer Service

Speaking of putting customers first, it was their customer service skills that really impressed members of our reviewing team.

Not only do they create excellent bespoke sites and meet SEO criteria, they do so while keeping an open channel of communication, inviting the client to give input at any point. We found them both professional, but also friendly and genuinely interested in what they are being told. While it sometimes feels like you’re speaking to a robot, or constantly being upsold – with DWS this didn’t happen in our communications.

This open communication method works well as it means the small things that ae missed when lots of progress is presented at once are picked up on and can be edited accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Design With Style struck us from the beginning as different from most of their competitors that we come across of a similar size. The quality of the websites they produce, easy structure with their well-constructed packages, and knowledge of SEO algorithms make us very happy to recommend them to anyone looking for a new website. Few companies we review achieve a rating above 9, and DWS are well worth their position in our Top 5.

The quality of communication and dedication to customer experience makes them easy to work with and we’ve seen numerous reviews from former clients testifying to this.

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Customer Testimonials

Design With Style’s website has a page devoted to the work they have done, and it makes for impressive viewing. Not only that but the testimony of the clients who have hired DWS provides a ringing endorsement for their services.

We found dozens of reviews online from clients more than satisfied with the service they received from Design With Style, and from the company under its former name Media Giant. The previous client’s all state they were more than happy with the work done for them and would recommend DWS to other businesses. Alongside these, one need only look at the calibre of the websites they’ve being responsible for to know they are a team who can help you make your online dream a reality.

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