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App Developers: Top 5 Review 2019

Published: 1st December 2018 | Last Updated: 1st December 2018

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App development is a big business these days. More and more businesses are looking for ways to serve their customers better – and turning to apps to increase engagement. When you’re looking for someone to develop your app ideas into a reality, it can be complicated trying to find the right person.

There seem to be so many different App Developers making bold claims about their skills. How do you recognise those whose claims are genuine – and those who will ultimately let you down?

A womans hand can be seen holding a smartphone with an app on the screen during its development. In the background part of a keyboard is visible alongside a leather bound diaryRead Our Top 5 Review

Our goal at Web Design Review is to evaluate service providers and give them an honest review. Our experience lets us spot the best talent – and those who should be avoided.

We’ve recently embarked on a series of reviews of App Developers, and we’ve pulled together our Top 5 App Development Agencies in the UK. These are just the highlights of the more in-depth reviews we’ve posted.

Putting the highlights together in one place makes it easy for you to see what’s on offer.

1) Magora Systems

RATED: 4.7 out of 5

A screen shot taken of the above the fold area of the homepage on the Magora Systems website. A young man in greyscale is seen in an office setting staring alongside a dark blue box of white text. Below are is a paragraph of dark blue text on a white background

Who Are They?

Situated in the famous ‘Silicon Roundabout’ in London, Magora Systems also have offices in Novosibirsk and Saint=Petersburg. The company was founded eight years ago by two young developers who have seen their business grow substantially. They specialise in developing mobile apps for iOS and Android, and their goal is to provide the best app solution for your business.

Magora Systems can build flashy apps with all the bells and whistles you could imagine. However, they’re more concerned with giving your app the features that are best for your business.

They take the time to get to know you and your business, so that they can give you the best possible advice. This means that you’ll never end up paying more for features that you don’t need.

Using all the latest trends and frameworks for app development, Magora Systems have a reputation for building fast, reliable and secure apps. As well as building Android and iOS apps, the agency also has experts in building Windows 10 Mobile apps and web apps.

Now that Google is focusing on mobile-first, web apps are becoming more and more popular, offering an app-like experience within mobile browsing. Magora have a solution for every kind of business, big or small.

Their Work

Magora System’s website features a portfolio of their past work, showcasing an impressive array of projects. Visually appealing apps that have all the functionality that the clients and end users need are what Magora do best. We were impressed by the quality of the apps that the development team have built in the past.

There’s no doubt that they have exceptional skills and a comprehensive understanding of both app structure and the user experience.


Our Thoughts

We’ve awarded Magora the first-place position in our Top 5 review on the basis of the quality and high-standard of their app development. It’s easy to recommend a company who have years of experience and who don’t add unnecessary features just to increase their revenue.

Magora provide an app cost calculator on their site, allowing you to get a ball-park figure of how much your app will cost. This is a great way of helping businesses to identify the essential features they need – and rule out the costly unnecessary ones. App development is a costly business, so it’s great to know that Magora are transparent about the costs involved.

The developers at Magora provide a top-notch service, and they always keep up to date with new frameworks and other app development trends. This means that you can be sure that you’re working with experts who can give you the best app for your business needs. Positive reviews from past clients suggest that Magora are easy to work with, too.


Magora Systems: In-Depth Review

2) Red Cloud Agency

RATED: 4.6 out of 5

A screen shof of the above the fold area od the Red cloud Agency website showing a street in London with a tranparent text box over the top

Who Are They?

Red Cloud Agency is a London-based company who offer everything from web design to digital marketing. They have a dedicated App Development team who focus on building bespoke mobile apps for businesses. They’ve built up a solid reputation for delivering apps that boost engagement with your customers and raise your business authority.

At Red Cloud, there’s a focus on working with small and medium sized businesses with apps that complement their websites. That’s because Red Cloud recognise the importance of apps for business growth, and they want to help even the smallest of businesses capitalise on this. They offer excellent value for money, making apps accessible for every budget.

The team of developers can provide apps for all kinds of businesses. From e-commerce apps to apps that increase interaction through chat functionality, Red Cloud have the skills necessary to build apps that users will love to use. They build Android and iOS apps – and in the majority of cases these are cross-platform apps.

Their Work

As an agency offering a multitude of different services, their portfolio doesn’t have the space to showcase their app development projects. However, you can gauge the quality of their work by the fact that they won 1st place in Toronto’s NASA Space Apps Challenge.

This was a 48-hour challenge that Red Cloud’s team handled effortlessly, demonstrating the exceptional skills their team has.


Our Thoughts

Having reviewed all that Red Cloud have to offer in terms of App Development, we’re happy to recommend them and put them in second place in our Top 5. Their focus on working to give small and medium sized businesses access to app development is commendable.

Apps are the future for businesses, and many other app developers charge prices that small businesses simply cannot afford.

Red Cloud genuinely care about their clients, which is one feature that we love to see in agencies. We’re impressed by the quality of the work that they do, and we can see that their reputation for excellence is well deserved.

The team at Red Cloud develop apps that end users love – and at a price that is accessible for all. With a dedicated app development team, you can be sure that your app development is in safe hands with Red Cloud.


Red Cloud Agency: In-Depth Review

3) Apadmi

RATED: 4.4 out of 5

A screen shot taken from the homepage of the Apadmi website with 2 separate square boxes. To the left is a tablet and smartphone showing an NHS app with a blue background. On the right are two smartphones displaying an App on both screens.

Who Are They?

Apadmi are an App Development agency with offices in Manchester and London. They describe themselves as thinkers, developers and inventors who are always looking for ways that technology can be improved. With team members who have been developing apps since 1999, Apadmi have a reputation for being at the cutting edge of app creation.

As a company, Apadmi have won or been nominated for many different awards, including ‘Large UK App Agency of the Year’ (2018). Their teams consist of highly skilled people who can tackle even the most complicated of app development projects.

Apadmi have drive and ambition to create next-generation apps that take into consideration the constantly changing world of app development.

Interactive apps that offer a great user experience are one of Apadmi’s specialities. They have experience in working with big brands to develop truly stunning apps. The company prides themselves on continually working to improve functionality long after the apps have launched.

Their Work

Apadmi’s website features a portfolio of visually and functionally fabulous apps – including apps developed for Argos, the NHS, the BBC and more. The examples of their work demonstrate the level of their skills and the complexity of what they are able to achieve.

Testimonials show that Apadmi have many satisfied customers who wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.


Our Thoughts

With an excellent reputation for creating apps that are a joy to use, Apadmi have a lot to offer. Their experience in working with some huge corporations makes them ideal for businesses who are looking for complex app development solutions.

Apadmi aim to be at the forefront of new developments in app technology, with a dedicated arm of their business focusing on this. They also invest in start-ups that have potential to be tremendously successful.

Whilst Apadmi have much to offer, their prices mean that they’re better suited for bigger businesses looking for cutting edge apps. The apps that Apadmi produce have been very successful for Argos and the BBC, highlighting the first-class skills that Apadmi have to offer.


Apadmi: In-Depth Review

4) Hedgehog Lab

RATED: 4.2 out of 5

a screenshot of the above the fold area of the Hedgehog Lab homepage with a blue filter over an office scene showing a man sat at a desk

Who Are They?

Hedgehog Lab are an app development company who have offices in London and Newcastle, as well as in India and the USA. Their focus in app development is in building apps that enhance the digital experience for your business’ customers. Hedgehog Lab have a passion for technology and a reputation for the high quality of their apps.

There are four values at the heart of Hedgehog Lab: remaining entirely focused on developing apps and software; building apps that people will love to use; building customer loyalty; and investing in their teams.

Hedgehog pride themselves on the apps that they create and the innovations they make. They work had to build long-term relationships with their clients and put the customer first. What’s more, they have the skills needed to create brilliant apps that will boost your business in myriad ways.

Their Work

Hedgehog Lab have an impressive list of past clients who have benefited from their extensive skills. Their portfolio showcases development projects for companies such as Santander, Zero Carbon Futures and EDF.

All of their clients have left positive reviews, demonstrating that Hedgehog really do deliver on their promises.


Our Thoughts

Because they focus entirely on app and software development, Hedgehog have amassed a large team of designers and developers. Whilst other app development companies often have various strands to their digital services, Hedgehog invest all of their time into development. This gives them an edge in terms of skills and expertise within app development.

Creating apps that users love is at the heart of Hedgehog Lab, and it means that you can be sure to get an app that will improve your user experience (UX). In turn, this can be significantly beneficial for your business.

Hedgehog Lab are always increasing their build capacity, to ensure that their clients get the best possible experience. They increase not just in terms of staff, but also in terms of technology. They have a lot to offer and have created apps that have been described as some of the world’s best apps – high praise indeed!


Hedgehog Lab: In-Depth Review

5) Geeks Ltd

RATED: 4.1 out of 5

A screenshot of the slider area of the homepage on the Geeks Ltd website. A silhouette of a man wearing glasses is looking at an interactive graph

Who Are They?

Geeks Ltd are a software development company who work out of South London. They’re innovative in their approach – and have awards for innovation to prove it. With a team of over 95 full time staff, they’ve earned a strong reputation in app development.

Central to Geeks’ success is the investment they make in their staff – with each team member having 120 hours of training per year to keep their skills sharp. They’re known for their dedication to ensuring customer satisfaction, no matter how complex the project.

One of Geeks Ltd’s stand-out features is their focus on delivering apps quickly, offering an accelerated time to market. In fact, they claim that they can develop mobile apps up to 4x faster than their competitors – without compromising on quality and design. They also employ a user-centred design (UCD) approach that ensures that apps are developed in accordance with an understanding of what the end users need.

Their Work

Geeks Ltd’s website is a treasure-trove of portfolio examples and case studies. These showcase the exceptional skills that the team have to offer. Visually appealing and intuitive designs have led to business boosts for Geeks’ previous customers.


Our Thoughts

As a forward-thinking digital company, Geeks Ltd can offer a variety of app development solutions for businesses. The size of their team is a big bonus, since you can be sure that they have the capacity to deal with even the most complex of development projects.

The level of investment in their staff that Geeks demonstrate is evidence of a company that cares about both its staff and its clients. What’s more, you can have confidence in team members who receive regular training to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments.

There’s no doubt that Geek Ltd have a comprehensive service to offer to businesses big and small. They stand out in the crowd because they can get your app into the hands of your customers far quicker than other agencies. For businesses wanting to capitalise on apps for their business, this is a huge bonus.


Geeks Ltd: In-Depth Review

a person has both hands on a smartphone which has the homescreen visible and a cup of herbal tea next to it. The term 'Mobile App Development' in white text with a pink highlight above the words 'Trends 2019' in white text with a blue background

App Development Trends in 2019

App Development is becoming increasingly important for businesses, the use of smartphones continues to grow. People are coming to expect businesses to offer an app of some kind – whether that’s a native app (for Android or iOS, for example) or a web app (which offers an app-like-experience for mobile browsing).

This trend is unlikely to change, meaning that businesses who don’t invest in app development are likely to be left behind.

With apps becoming a crucial part of digital strategy, the technology on which apps are built is rapidly evolving. That’s why we’ve put together a quick run-down of five app development trends that you should be looking out for in 2019.

1) M-commerce Apps

Mobile shopping/payment apps have been around for a while, but the number of these, and the value they generate, has grown exponentially. In North America, for example, many businesses with dedicated shopping apps generate more than 44% of their total sales through mobile.

M-commerce is, therefore, a huge opportunity for businesses to capitalise on. We’re expecting more and more shopping apps to become available in 2019. Is this something your business needs to consider?

2) Artificial Intelligence Integration

Apps that have in-built AI support are set to become even more commonplace in 2019. Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Siri are such a big part of everyday life for many people that AI integration in apps is going to be important for success. Users appreciate the kinds of features that make life easier for them and will choose these types of apps over others that don’t use AI.

AI offers the opportunity to provide a better level of customer service, too. Integrating chat-bots into apps is a great way of offering a kind of interaction for your customers that’s automated. Your customers get their questions answered instantly and engage more with your business as a result.

3) Motion and Location Sensing

With smartphones having location sensing facilities, app developers are looking at new ways to use this technology. In 2019, we expect that there’s going to be an increase in motion sensing application development. It’s a huge area of opportunity, as these types of apps can offer anti-theft solutions and security features, which users appreciate.

4) Instant Apps

Space on smartphones is always at a premium, so instant apps are likely to become increasingly valuable for users. Instant apps take up much less space and offer a greater level of performance. They offer an app-like experience without having to download an app. They’re quick and easy for users to access and eliminate the whole downloading process that consumes storage space and user’s time.

5) Beacons Technology

In 2019, more and more apps will begin to make use of Beacons Technology. Beacons are devices that emit Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio signals that can wake up your phone when you have an app installed that uses Beacons Technology.

For example, a Beacon in a football stadium might wake the stadium’s app on your phone, bring up your tickets and direct you to your seats. The app might also notify you where refreshments can be purchased during half-time.

Beacons Technology offers exciting opportunities for app development in sectors including retail and entertainment. There are some challenges to overcome in terms of security, but 2019 could well be the year that sees apps using Beacons Technology boom.

The Importance of App Development

People spend a considerable amount of time on their smartphones every day. What’s more, more online browsing happens on mobile devices than on desktops in many cases. It’s no longer enough to have a great-looking website if you want your business to succeed.

Users are expecting, at a minimum, web apps that give app-like experiences for mobile browsing.

Businesses need to look to the future and start considering how they might use an app to give their customers a better experience. In 2019 and beyond, apps development is likely to become a necessity rather than a luxury.

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